Server has just came back online after 4 months of downtime (went down around march). The reason for the downtime was not only server failure but lack of funds to replace the hardware. Hopefully this time around we can get enough donations, have a better shop system, along with admins standing by during the day to assist users! Lets give it another go! more information can be found on the forums and the news section on this site. I will be updating everything as I go and do my best to keep you guys informed.
Regards - AndrewH@Support

Here at / we currently host 3 games. Diablo II LOD , StarCraft Brood War, WarCraft III TFT. We have tutorials and guides to follow along with Tech support on the forums. If you need support please try posting in the Tech Support section on the forums. If you still need assistance please PM an admin. 

Play Diablo II LOD: Run Patch 1.13c

    IP Address:
    Zone: -5
    Name: Athena Realm