Sunday, August 31 2014

 Objective Full Focus: Fix the issues, advertise, set up shop and community.
    More of these: Tech Support, Graphic Designers / Artist / Banners and             Logos.  Better hardware and external backup setups.

  Server is back online and running as it was before it shutdown about 4 months ago. I apologize to the users who lost their accounts and the time they spent on them. I'd also like to apologize for the lack of news or information regarding the server being down as many users were left confused. I am keeping the server online as long as it will allow me too!

Good News:
    - Server is online!! and in a safe location in Western PA (USA).
    - Reliable internet connection, there will be hardly any downtime (only         for maintenance and game server reset (this just clears the cache).
    -Server is running one of the original Large inventory mods I believe
Mod patch_d2-1.1.mpq added on Friday, May 24 2013.

    -Server is low cost, as before I was paying out of my own pocket $40 a             month for a very fast connection and great hardware but the funds                 were just not coming in, and the lack of donations forced me to move             over to a slower network.
     -Website and configuration files for the server were all saved and                     backed up remotely. We can start the server up right from where we             left off instead of taking weeks to get everything going again.

  Small Problems:
    - Hardware: there is enough hardware to keep users satisfied throughout     the day/night. Not too much lag but there will be spikes sometimes.
    - Support: We need admins that are willing to be there, quite a lot actually.
       Without administrators around no one is able to inform me or others            with server access to fix a problem.
    -Advertisement: We need to inform others that the server is back online         as many have given up hope for it being down for such a long period of       time.

Friday, Jan 10 2014

- Character reset, New mod applied Median XL's Latest 'ultimative'.
-  Will be on to test out as soon as I get done updating the website!

Friday, December 6 2013

    - Website updated, added two guides on how to connect for both Soldier of fortune and WarCraft III The Frozen Throne.
 - Activated WarCraft III Connection Availabilty.

Saturday, November 23 2013

Whole new website, forums and patch 2.0 added.

- Awaiting changelist from Dale.
- New website layout, faster and less loading time.
- Last week Switched server, hosted on a VPS in Scranton PA.
- New forum host,
- Enabled warcraft III TFT and created connection guide.

Saturday, October 26 2013

- Website updated, new layout and fix's. Added donation button functionality.
  "Still in progress."

Friday, May 24 2013

    Mod patch_d2-1.1.mpq applied today and available for download! changelog
    -Increased stacks of town portal and identify books from 20 to 200
    -Added sockets to rings/amulets/belts/gloves and boots.
    -New socketing recipe (Item + Ko rune) = random number of sockets
    -No longer require gem for next level rune.
    -Slightly increased monster difficulty

Thursday, May 16 2013

    Nobody won the Cash prize as nobody provided proof of advertising effort. But we have a facebook page now! . We soon are looking     to update our patch_d2.mpq file to support more additions to the server. Can't wait!     Anyone out there willing to help test contact me.

 Posted by: AndrewH

Tuesday, February 28 2013

I will be giving a cash prize out to whoever can bring the most users on the server as well as show the most effort in advertising and getting our servers name out there. More information Here:
Posted by: AndrewH

Tuesday, February 26 2013

Domain Now redirects to Our forums are no longer our main site because we now use our forums for support and posting only. As before it was our main site. Our old site hosted on also had a longer load time than a simple HTML page.

Posted by: AndrewH

Tuesday, June 19 2012

Ladder Reset 4 hours early, All accounts still exist Characters have been removed and ladder restarts :). See and click the ladder button for ladder stats.
Posted by: AndrewH

Wednesday, May 16 2012

Official Launch of our Median XL Realm 'Nephthys Realm' As always enjoy -AndrewH@support

Edit: 'Nephthys Realm' is no longer available due to unpopularity. and was taken down.
Posted by: AndrewH

Wednesday, March 28 2012

New Mod Applied visit to download the mod patch if you have not already.